"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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Casa Compasiva in Pandemia

Greetings from Oaxaca, Mexico!

We are enjoying a rainy day, perfect for sitting with a hot cup of tea and updating friends and family on recent happenings!

I know everyone has been struggling with the COVID-19 in your different cities and homes, affecting work and daily life in ways that we would have never imagined.  Here in Oaxaca it has been much the same and at Casa Compasiva we have been struggling on an individual level within our families as well as in our team work.  We have mainly been struggling with a feeling of fear.  The sisters in the team fear for their loved ones, fear for their own health, and fear for the health of the mothers and families who come to see us for maternity care.  In prenatal classes we approach the subject of fear of birth as using that fear to motivate us to investigate options and be well informed on the birthing process in order to make informed decisions.  This is very much how I feel we should face the COVID-19 virus - not let fear paralyze us, but let it motivate us to make informed decisions as to how we will proceed with the new normal that we all hope to attain very soon!  It is a difficult situation indeed with varying opinions of how and what to do for precautionary measures, but we are persevering faithfully to serve the many families who have been coming in.  

And what a number of families!  Since the Pandemic began its upwards rise, we have seen our number of prenatal consults double as well as the number of due dates every month.  I would love to say that this is due to everyone's total interest in Midwifery and natural birth, but unfortunately it is highly due to women's fear of giving birth in a hospital with COVID patients.  So many are looking for any option out there to avoid hospitals and because of this, several end up returning to the medical based health care system when we talk about the specifics of midwifery care.  No, we do not have epidurals for pain relief.  No, we do not perform cesareans.  

I was curious, though, to see how things would trend towards the "downward slope" of the Pandemic and I am pleased to see that our numbers continue to be high.  This is good for midwifery, but it is even more AWESOME in that we are able to pray over, read scripture too, and share Christ with more families!!! So very awesome!  Because of this influx in clients, I decided it is time to begin our midwifery training program, and this Wednesday we began online classes with 2 new students! Judith (pictured below) is actually the niece of a former team mate (Melvis) who has just recently finished High School and was looking into studying nursing. She has a very sweet caring spirit and I think she is going to be a lovely addition to the team in caring for mothers and babies. Mayra, shown in her CC uniform, has been working with us for 5 years now as a doula.  She has had a great interest in midwifery since her arrival to our team, but began biblical studies at a local seminary and will be graduating there this year and will now have time to concentrate on midwifery studies.  Both live outside of the city of Oaxaca (Judith lives in a village 5 hrs from the city) which makes it necessary for us to make accomodations at the birth center to house them for the 3 year program.  In order for them to be able to study and be available pretty much 24/7, they will be needing a form of scholarship for the first 2 years with the possibility to earn a salary in their 3rd year of studies when they will begin to practice under supervision.  

The costs of the program are super low, we are actually just charging a fee so as to purchase their books and to provide gas money for the teachers to come and teach (but with the pandemic, everything is on zoom).  With books and living expenses, the students will need $213 CAD each monthly ($160 USD).  If you would consider donating for these two young ladies, we would be so very appreciative! I am convinced that the Lord has begun a good work within them and will complete it for His glory! How exciting to be able to be part of that process!!!

On a side note: We recently received word that one of the families who received Christ through the CC team has now converted their small private elementary school into a Christian school! Isn't that amazing grace! 

Thank you, to each of you, our friends and family who make it possible to reach Oaxacan families through compassionate prenatal care!  You are changing hearts through your support and prayers!!!!

Serving Christ,
Latisha Serrano
Midwife & General Director 
Casa Compasiva

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