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Good news in a sea of confussion

These have been days full of confusion and heartache as we see and read the news about COVID-19 and how it is extending across the world.  The news is everywhere we turn, on tv and social media.  It can be overwhelming and cause a feeling of anxiety and fear as we try to filter through the information. "Is it really that bad as the news portrays?" "Do I wear a mask or not?" "Should I take Elderberry or not?"  Many uncertainties and swimming through the information can be suffocating. 

In Casa Compasiva we are trying to remain on top of the contingency and have been investigating and putting in place new protocols so that we can be prepared to continue with compassionate care.  Right now is an especially scary time for pregnant women and we are hearing testimonies from midwives in the Netherlands, UK, New York City and all of them have some to the same conclusion: the safest place for birth, especially with the contingency in place, is OUT of the hospital.  

Midwives are renting hotel rooms or whole hotels in the Netherlands in order to give healthy, safe care to birthing women.  Just today I read an article that the UK may follow their example.  New York City has recently given official recognition to midwives (CNM & CPMs and I believe LMs) and the birth centers there and around the USA are receiving a notable increase in potential clients who looking for out of hospital birthing options out of fear.

What does this mean for Casa Compasiva?  Since there are still few cases in Mexico, we have seen the people are struggling with disbelief and not really taking the contingency seriously. We are just now seeing less people on the street even though we have been officially in quarantine since the 20th. We have; however, noticed an increase in inquiry into prenatal classes and last week we had 2 inquiries into births from women in their last month of pregnancy.  I really believe that as more COVID-19 cases arise, our phones will begin ringing.

In the meantime we have been putting the nice fluffy rugs and pretties away in boxes and the birth center is losing a bit of its homey feel in order to keep surfaces and spaces easy and practical to disinfect.  We are ordering N95 masks and doctor robes for use in births, and have made reusable cotton masks for consults.  We have changed our scheduling in order to  attend only necessary appointments and are limiting our services to prenatal, births, and postpartum appointments only.  Our team is also "spreading out" and we are doing three shifts on clinic days so that we aren´t all in the birth center at the same time.  These are really big changes and are difficult to accept, since we have always taken pride in having a non-medical feel.  But for now they are necessary.  Our Vision is "Healthy and Safe Families" and this in the way to do that for now.

In the sea of uncertainty; however, there is good news!  Awesome news actually.  In the last 2 weeks we witnessed the change of heart in a young lady who was wanting an abortion, a young couple who has a one year old with developmental delays came to Christ, and just a few minutes ago we received word of the miraculous healing from one of our families whose baby was born via cesarean in a local hospital and had been suffering seizures and other complications. The baby went home with his parents today "completely well" after 2 weeks of NICU!

And so we are reminded that God is good.  His mercies are new every morning. We stand on that rock and face what comes, knowing that He will provide. Even though there is so much more to take in consideration and so many conflicting views and recommendations, we completely trust in the Spirit to lead us in discernment and wisdom as how to continue providing compassionate care to the women and babies of Oaxaca.  

We pray for you daily, for your health and encouragement in these difficult days!

God bless us all!


  1. Amen! Great report! Praise our good good Father. Keep up the good work. Thanks also for setting a good example.

  2. Amen! Praise our good good Father! Thank you for the great report. Keep up the good work. And well done on setting a good example. We are in the Father's hands.


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