FAQs about Casa Compasiva
  • What is the proposed time line for this project? (see below)

Objectives (updated Sept. 2011)

  • Set up birth center in good operating condition
  •  Develop operating protocols, prepare administration and documentation forms 
  • Establish compliance with local and federal health regulations 
  • Provide orientation and training for one local midwife, one doctor, 1 nurse, 2 assistants
  •  Research and development of Midwifery Training Program 
  • Provide care for approximately 1-2 births per month (prenatal care, labor & delivery care,postpartum care, well-woman care, home health care, lactation consulting, basic hygienic training) 
  • Initiate contact, interaction, and community service with local hospitals, clinics, and care providers

  • Expand operations to provide care for 5 births per month (prenatal care, labor & delivery care, postpartum care, well-woman care, home health care, lactation consulting, basic hygienic training) 
  • Initiate educational opportunities, offering workshops (“talleres”) in various settings such as Health Centers, municipality centers, village settings, etc. 
  • Begin Midwifery Apprenticeship Program for at least two local Mexican women 
  • Finalize and implement Midwifery Training Program didactic curriculum 
  • Begin to move toward decreased need of foreign funding through reasonable birth fees 

  • Continue to decrease need of foreign funding through expanded birth volume and increased dependence on local health personnel 
  • Streamline community outreach approach providing resources, volunteer labor, and instruction to local clinics, communities, hospitals, and health care professionals 
  • Begin second year of didactic midwifery training for first 2 or more midwifery students 
  • Continue apprenticeship of midwifery students, adding approximately 2 or more each year 
  • Train local personnel to co-ordinate and direct continued community outreach and home health care visits 
  • Implement classes for local indigenous people on basic maternal and child health 

  • Increase birth volume 
  • Begin to offer well-woman exams 
  • Celebrate first graduating students from Midwifery Program 
  • Begin mentoring midwifery graduates into teaching positions 
  • Revise and implement birth center practices and policies 
  • Evaluate effectiveness of Midwifery Program didactic and apprenticeship training; adjust objectives and strategies for greater success

  • Move towards goal of balancing local expenses with local income 
  • Begin second year of mentoring program, supervising local midwives teaching a small group of new midwife students 
  • Gradually transfer supervisory and teaching roles from foreign to local midwives, as skills and experience increase 
  • Evaluate staff and students for potential grooming of local Mexican birth center director; begin training process

  • Continue progress toward financial balance of income and expenses 
  • Achieve financial independence 
  • Celebrate transfer of birth center authority to local Mexican directorship 
  • Withdraw most foreign involvement; continue limited consultant relationship only 
  • Explore possibility of reproducing daughter birth centers in other Mexican locations

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