"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
Birth Center

Life Saving Spirit Nudging

I am continuously amazed and grateful at how the Lord guides us and protects us throughout the care that we provide at Casa Compasiva.  To hear His guiding and be attentive to His nudging is so important on any scale, but I have witnessed this more than once in midwifery and am so grateful for His omniscience.  

Let me give you an example: recently we were providing prenatal care to a young women that works in prostitution downtown.  She lives in a hotel and, as you can imagine, her ability to nurture herself and her pregnancy was highly limited to what was being served at the local cafe. Her income was also greatly affected due to the imposed quarantine which had hotels, restaurants, and commerce completely closed for a couple of months. We detected anemia and in partnership with a Christian outreach that is working with women in prostitution, we formed a plan to help her get proper nutrition and increase her iron levels.  

When it came time to form her birth plan, we were frustrated to see that her iron levels had not increased, but had actually decreased again which meant she was no longer a candidate for birth with us due to her risk for postpartum hemorrhage. We prayed about this and were so sad, frustrated since we felt that among all the women we see, she especially needed Christ's love and compassion during her birth.  We prayed for more time with her.  There was a lingering desire, "Her levels are not THAT low..." "Maybe we can get them up just a bit, enough to have her birth with us." But beyond that, there was a stronger nudging "No, she needs the hospital." 

And so we planned that when her labor began we would provide labor care only which meant providing all the comfort measures at the birth center and then transferring her to the government hospital at 8cm.  The morning of her birth, she called in with ruptured membranes and no contractions. This meant we would need to help her stimulate labor so as to avoid a cesarean.  This can at times take 6-8 hours in itself.  (Can you see how God was answering our prayer for more time with her?)  

She arrived accompanied by one of the leaders from the outreach and our midwife and a doula provided labor care for her as planned. She received hydrotherapy, massage, the opportunity to move around during labor, and prayer; all the things that we wanted to bless her with which are not provided at the government hospital.  Hours later, when they transported her to the hospital, her labor was very well established and advancing nicely.  

That's when we lost communication. We often lose communication with our mamás who go into the government hospital since they are allowed to only take in a couple of adult diapers, flip-flops, baby´s clothes and blankets. They go in alone and without outside communication until well after the baby is born.  We checked back often and finally got news that she had her baby but they were asking for blood.  

This last Monday she came in for her first postpartum check. She was very grateful for the care that she had received in Casa Compasiva and told us that she did indeed hemorrhage immediately upon the baby's birth. She needed transfusions, and was in hospital for 5 days afterwards. She will continue her postpartum care with us, and we pray that her heart will be impacted by the love of Christ through Casa Compasiva and give fruit.

We are constantly learning how to be tuned-in with the Spirit and at times we have a tendency to "play down" the importance of being intune. How many times do we make decisions rashly, without waiting to hear the spirit or feel His nudging?  My time at Casa Compasiva has reaffirmed in my heart the great need to be plugged in to the word so that my ears and heart are open to hearing, seeing, feeling His guidance.  I encourage you to get intune also!  It is life saving!!!!

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