"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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Recent Changes

Dear Friends,

Life brings lots of unexpected changes for us all...changes which we often resist out of fear. But sometimes, in God's great mercy, those changes turn out to be GOOD.  Such, I believe, is the case with the recent change in leadership at Casa Compasiva.

Many of you know that because of my health challenges (Parkinson's), I recently resigned as director of Casa. For over a year I had been trying to figure out a succession plan, but had not successfully implemented anything solid. When my health reached a breaking point, and I was forced to resign abruptly, I feared that Casa Compasiva would suffer in a leadership vacuum.  But I need not have worried. God, after all, is TRULY in control, and Casa is HIS project, not mine.

Our beloved head midwife, Latisha (Lety) Serrano was willing to step up to the plate and work with the rest of our senior staff to pick up the pieces that I had been forced to drop. (Maybe I am mixing baseball metaphors with garbage disposal metaphors, but you get what I mean!) Lety has been at Casa since the very beginning, training as a doula in our very first doula class, and going on from there to become BOTH a Casa Compasiva trained midwife, AND a US certified midwife. She has worked hard, sacrificed much, and is passionate about using midwifery as a tool to reach Oaxacan women and families with God's love. A pastor's wife, she also has the needed spiritual perspective to steer Casa in its path as a MINISTRY...not just another pretty face/clinic. Lety brings people skills, research skills, and organizational skills to the job, and she has already proven herself to be a capable and compassionate leader. Rather than my resignation plunging Casa into chaos, it has been just the opposite. This has been a GOOD change. Lety's energy and fresh perspective has already given Casa a boost...and I am confident that it will only get better from here on out!

As Casa navigates these new waters, my son Isaac has also stepped up to perform a number of the tasks I used to do, from acting as an intermediary between donors and Casa staff, to serving as the newest member of the Casa Compasiva board of directors. We're glad we still have at least one Quezada with boots on the ground.

Our entire staff is committed to working as a team to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of providing excellent maternity care. It is my honour to have worked with each of our staff members and to know each one's desire to serve Oaxaca in this way. Without any hesitation, I can recommend the whole team under Lety's leadership for your continued financial and prayer support. Again, Casa Compasiva is, and always has been, God's idea and God's project...not Lila Quezada's. I pray that you will recognize the hand of the Lord in this leadership transfer, and that you will continue to commit your dollars and prayers to this wonderful and vital ministry!


And now to you, Lety...

Thank you Lila for introducing me to everyone! I am both humbled with the responsibility and excited to see where the Lord will lead us in this new stage!

As Lila mentioned, I have been part of Casa Compasiva since its beginning and have a heart for Oaxacan women and babies. I hope to lead this Ministry into fulfilling its mission of reaching and/or strengthening families in Christ through compassionate maternity care and practical biblical teachings. 

I also would love to thank each one of you personally for your prayers and financial support through these years. I hope and pray that you would like to continue to partner with us in this ministry, assuring you that your support is being used in the best way possible.

I hope to provide you with periodic updates on what is going on within the ministry. PLEASE feel free to drop me a note about any questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. at casacompasiva@gmail.com with the subject line as: "Pregunta para Lety" (Question for Lety) or to my personal email: letylapartera@gmail.com. I will get back to you as soon as babies allow. 😉

Many blessings to each of you and your families!

Serving Christ,
Latisha Serrano (AKA Lety)

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