"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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End of 2018 News

“Renata” is thirty-two years old. She came to Casa Compasiva
for her pre-natal care, faithfully attending both the childbirth
classes and her pre-natal appointments, where one of our staff
members would always share the gospel in a short devotional.
Renata hoped to give birth at Casa Compasiva, but unfortunately,
complications arose at the end of her pregnancy which required
her to be attended at the public hospital. When her baby was born
with a fever, they kept the baby in the hospital for three days after
Renata was released. Suffering through invasive medical practices,
and giving birth in isolation from any loved ones to support her
had been traumatizing enough, but leaving the hospital without her
baby in her arms plunged Renata into a post-partum depression. When she finally had her baby and came back to Casa Compasiva for her post-partum care, she shared her sadness and frustration. Doctora Sara, one of our newer staff members, received her and listened to her pain, helping her to identify and own her grief. As they talked through it and Renata listened to the message of John 3:16, she identified with the Father’s pain in giving up His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins. Together with her older daughter, she gave her heart to the Lord, receiving the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Those good tidings of great joy found their mark!

Doctora Sara was the “spiritual midwife” ushering Renata into new birth that day a couple of weeks ago. Here is part of Sara’s testimony, in her own (translated) words: I am Sara, a new doctor on the Casa Compasiva team. Casa Compasiva has offered me not just the opportunity to work in the medical field, but also in the ministerial field. Before coming here I worked in public medical clinics in the mountains where we were not permitted to speak about Christ. Although I liked my work because I came into contact with very simple (humble) people, it made me feel really sad to be stationed so far away from my family. It was very tiring to travel 4-6 hours every Friday to go see my husband and kids, and then back very early on Monday mornings. I compare my situation to the people of Israel in Egypt. Maybe they had comfort and financial stability back in Egypt, but in reality they were slaves to their work. I value where I am now not just for the opportunity to be with my family, supporting my husband as he pastors our church, but also for the freedom to speak openly about Jesus with the women who come in for appointments. God heard my prayers and opened to me the doors of Casa Compasiva where I am able to develop my two greatest passions: serving God and serving people!

Casa Compasiva is a birth center, but it is so much more than just a birth center!

It is also a training facility where we prepare and encourage Christian women to be not just excellent midwives but also excellent disciples of Jesus Christ, able to share the good tidings of great joy with others.

So through the good tidings of great joy in the Child born so long ago, Renata and Sara are saved, forgiven, healed, strengthened, fulfilled, and empowered. We are eager to share with other mamas and families of Oaxaca those same good tidings of great joy, but we need your help.

Thank you so much for your help in reaching the goal of the “matching gift” that was offered at the end of September. Many of you jumped at that opportunity and gave generously to match the proposed gift of $5500 US. That brought in a total of $11,000! God was honored by your eagerness to help back then, and graciously provided for our financial needs right up until now. We are so grateful!

Now we are at the end of the year and again at the end of our supply. Casa Compasiva needs supporters to back us financially and to carry us into the new year and beyond. Will you prayerfully and financially undergird the work of all of our wonderful staff members?

All of them, without exception, are God’s chosen servants, faithfully using quality compassionate maternity care as a tool to share the love of Jesus. Will you be part of the Casa Compasiva mission to bring good tidings of great joy to the families of Oaxaca? Thank you so much for every prayer and for every gift! It makes a difference.

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