"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
Birth Center

We are Feeling very Thankful!!

I know Thanksgiving is was a WHOLE week ago (longer if you are Canadian) but I wanted to share a special treat that has blessed us at Casa Compasiva.

A year ago we had our first mission team come down from Canada who began giving Casa Compasiva a complete makeover!  A great group from the Southgate church from Langley, BC came and painted, plumbed, and installed new lights and fixtures, made closets, brought curtains and decorations... etc... etc..!  They worked so very hard, but because of time limits and other planned activities there were a couple of rooms that didn't get pampered.

Now, this November 14-24 we were blessed with a group from Mission Bible, Qualicum Beach Christian Fellowship church, Tsawwassen Alliance church and two members of the original Southgate group.

They came and finished paint jobs, got our plumbing working AGAIN (we have lots of sediment), hung towel racks, trimmed trees, finished wood working projects, fixed doors, made couch cushions, and over all completed the good work that was started a year ago!  So, we want to give a HUGE shout out to: Ellie, Brian, Robin, Earl, Jim, Dennis, Mark Sr., Mark Jr., Alice, Susan, Cammy, Ruth and Michel (who is not pictured since he was sick). I went in to Casa Compasiva yesterday and took pictures for a new "Tour of the Installations" for our page on Facebook, and WOW! The groups have really made us look good!!!  

Not only did they make us look good, they also provided some solutions to one of our biggest problems at births: access to mamá while she is on the toilet.  Usually we don't accompany each other into the actual toilet area. Sure, women are known to go to the restroom in pairs when at the movies or a restaurant, but never on the level we do at Casa Compasiva.  The bathroom in our main birthroom had a weird flow (excuse the pun).  In order to peek in on a laboring mamá, we would have to first go into the adjacent closet, stand inside that doorway and peek around awkwardly into the bathroom.  Not very practical when you hear birth noises and need to race to the birthing mamá´s side! SO, this awesome team FLIPPED THE DOOR! That seems so simple, but they did such an awesome job that you wouldn't even know that the door was ever "backwards"! This is the bathroom door that is seen "opening" towards the end of the video. BRAVO!! I can't wait to have another birth in there just for to try it out!

Also a big shout out to Benjamin Blycker who, so I heard, performed an amazing, death defying, balancing act to paint our very high stairwell!  It was left on the back burner from the first group specifically because we weren't able to figure out how to get up there!  So, I heard this all involved makeshift scaffolding and something about buckets tied to his feet.  I am just so happy to know that our Lord has those things under control! I am also so very happy I wasn't there to witness it all! 😉

The group also provided a much bigger solution to another "problem" but more on that later.

So, we just really would like to say "¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!" to Ellie, Brian, Robin, Earl, Jim, Dennis, Mark Sr., Mark Jr., Alice, Susan, Cammy, Ruth and Michel.  May God bless you for first of all raising all the funds that you put into the Casa! Then, making the LONG trip down, braving the threat of our Dengue outbreak, and spending a busy week blessing others.  Thank you for your hearts of service!

And a THANK YOU to all of you who donated to Casa Compasiva yesterday on Giving Tuesday!  We are so blessed to be part of this ministry of sharing Christ's love with the families in Oaxaca.  We have no doubt that your donations are not only helping them with a nice birth, but that you are more importantly making an eternal impact on their lives.  God bless you! 💗

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