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Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our Casa Compasiva team (and a little "extra")!  We are so thankful for another year of life and ministry and if it were not for the birth of our Messiah we would have no ministry at all.  

Recently we (the CC team) shared five things from Casa Compasiva that we are grateful for.  I would like to share just a few.  

I am grateful:

  • "...for being able to work and serve the Lord by serving mamás."
  • "...for being able to work in a Christian environment where I can grow spiritually."
  • "...that Casa Compasiva has been a source and opportunity for my intelectual growth and personal development."
  • "...to see how God is moving and guiding us in one way or another."
  • "...for meeting such a wide variety of people and mentalities and how to serve them lovingly without prejudice."
  • "...to receive a salary while doing something I love!"

One thing that EVERYONE wrote was: "I am grateful for finding friends within the team."  This is so important and encouraging.  .  We have our moments, as any work environment has, but it is so encouraging that on a whole, everyone has found Casa Compasiva to be a place to share and encourage one another.  

We are learning everyday how to impart grace amongst us and I am the first to confess frequent failure in this area.  We learn to impart grace when we are worn from a long birth and our nerves are more exposed than normal.  We learn to impart grace when we would rather do things a certain way, but the team decides otherwise.  We impart grace when our expectations are not fulfilled, and we impart grace when our personal lives complicate CC plans. We impart grace when a mamá cancels and reschedules time after time.  We are not always successful and miss so many opportunities to impart grace, but God is such a great and patient teacher who shows us where we need to grow and gives us new chances to practice.  

Our hope for 2020 and beyond is this:

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you (*US) all. 2 Corinthians 13:14 

Merry Christmas!

PS: After reading this and re-reading this, I think the correct word is "extend" and not "impart"... I have been immersed in Spanish so long, words begin to jumble. ;) Please extend some grace on me, too! -Blessings!

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