"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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The Circle is Complete


We are excited to announce that January 8th, 2015 marked an historic event in the ministry of Casa Compasiva. That was the day that we inaugurated a new branch of Casa Compasiva in the small town of Mitla, Oaxaca. Mitla is about one hour of bus/taxi travel from the original location in Oaxaca City, so having a clinic here will be a great benefit for many women who have a hard time traveling into the city.

The new clinic is a tribute to the lifetime work of the parents of our beloved Doctora Donaji. Her father was the town doctor here in Mitla for forty years before his death, and her mother was an obstetric nurse-midwife, delivering many of the Mitleño citizens of the last forty years. Their clinic was eventually converted into a home where various missionaries lived over the last few years. Now, with the help of an awesome Canadian work team and the Canadian funds they brought, we have renovated one half of the home, making it once again a functioning clinic, and coming full circle! Faithful local friends here in Mitla have also dedicated much time, energy and money to make this vision a reality. To God be the glory for His amazing plan! 

Our initial plan is to provide prenatal care, childbirth education classes, spiritual support, and post-partum care for our clients in Mitla. At this time we are not advertising that we will attend births here in the Mitla clinic, preferring instead to direct most women to our more extensive facility in Oaxaca City. But we are also being realistic about the possibility of facing surprise situations in which someone might come for a check-up in full-fledged labour with no time to transport (it happens). :) Accordingly, besides the standard equipment for maternal and infant care, we are also planning to gradually equip Casa Compasiva Mitla with the necessary emergency supplies for such an eventuality. 

The inauguration day was a delightful time of honouring Donaji's mother for her decades of work as a midwife, as well as letting the townspeople know about the philosophy, vision, and mission of Casa Compasiva. The new clinic was full to capacity with guests come to celebrate with us and with town dignitaries who helped to dedicate this new location. There is lots of enthusiasm among the new clients now coming for classes and for prenatal care, with promised support from the local municipal government for low-income clients who cannot afford to pay.

We are eager to see this new clinic become fully-equipped and functioning effectively as a center for sharing God's love through Jesus Christ with the indigenous Zapotec people of Mitla. Doctora Donaji will hold office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays for both general clients and maternity clients. This last Saturday we had our first in the series of eight childbirth education classes, and word is spreading among the townsfolk of Mitla and the nearby villages. Please join us in prayer and with financial support for this new ministry which vastly expands the potential kingdom impact of Casa Compasiva! 

Lila Joy

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