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Casa Compasiva A.C.
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Christmas Greeting and Update from Casa Compasiva

“There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.” --Voyage of the Dawn Treader
“It was a dark and stormy night..” --A Wrinkle in Time
“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times...” --A Tale of Two Cities

Great novels almost always start with great first lines, and from there go on to get better and better. Casa Compasiva began almost four years ago with the beautifully simple “first-line” plan to be a low-risk birth center, and now God is launching us forward into a bigger, better, more all-encompassing, higher-impact vision!

After a solid year of investigation, interviews, discussion, and much prayer, the board of directors of Casa Compasiva has unanimously decided that it is time for us to pursue the building of a surgical unit!

Upon completion, we will be able to offer a much fuller service to the pregnant women of Oaxaca: natural births in the cozy home setting for those who are low-risk and anticipate an uncomplicated birth; supervised “trial of labour” for women with previous C-section deliveries who are attempting a natural birth this time around; Caesareans for those who cannot deliver naturally for whatever reason; as well as normal births that simply require a greater degree of medical supervision/intervention than that which is typically offered in a birth center.

This does not mean that our midwifery staff will suddenly morph into a qualified surgical team! No, it
means that we will build a fully-equipped surgical unit to which an OB/GYN can bring his or her own team consisting of surgeon, nurse, anaesthesiologist, and paediatrician. They can attend to specific needs with their expertise, while we continue to provide the warmth and love that our clients have come to expect from Casa Compasiva. It will definitely allow us to serve a much greater cross-section of the women and babies of Oaxaca!

Sounds like a win/win situation all around, does it not? Yes, but...we are under no illusions about how
difficult this will be. Having a surgery significantly ups the ante as far as the degree of government
regulations, requirements, inspections, etc. None of us are very excited about that. And frankly, the cost is immense. We are estimating approximately $75,000 U.S. is needed to carry out this project.
We have begun the preliminary steps for this exciting and overwhelming new vision; will you now prepare for what role God may have you to play in it? Are you called to faithfully support the ongoing daily ministryof Casa Compasiva? Or is it your privilege to help sponsor a birth for a needy woman, or to sponsor a midwifery student in her studies? Can you pray for our financial needs and for protection over our clients? Is it your desire to support evangelism outreach efforts or pay for discipleship materials? Or are you one of the designated underwriters of this massive new undertaking—a surgical operating room, with all that that entails? All of the above are needed; where do you fit in?

Sara was one of our favourite clients. She came faithfully to all of her appointments and pre-natal classes, always laughing and cheerfully encouraging the other pregnant mamas. If ever we wanted to see a woman be able to deliver her baby naturally, it was Sara! But it was not to be. Her labour began normally and she laboured valiantly at Casa Compasiva, making good progress up to a certain point. Eventually, however, after 14 hours with no advancement, we sadly conceded that according to Mexican norms we had to transport. She went to a private hospital where the gynecologist decided that there was no other option than to do a Caesarean. But everyone was stunned when, besides the baby, he also removed a huge ovarian cyst that had been impeding the descent of the baby during labour. In spite of the excellent care we had provided throughout the pregnancy, and high resolution ultrasounds that we had referred her to with another OG-GYN, the cyst had hidden itself and would not allow that baby to be born naturally no matter what! A Caesarean was not an option for Sara; it was a critical necessity.

When Sara brought her baby in to CC for her post-partum care, she and her mother could not stop expressing their appreciation for the love and support that they had receivedall through Sara's pregnancy, labour, and even during and after the C-section as our staff accompanied her into the
operating room and recovery. Some babies just need to be born in a surgical unit, and we are excited to be able to offer future Saras and their babies the same compassionate quality care that is the hallmark of Casa Compasiva—whether in a natural birth or a very necessary Caesarean!

Noemi (name changed) is a lovely girl who came to us very hesitatingly, not believing that she would be able to afford a birth here in Casa Compasiva. Having been sexually abused throughout her childhood, she carried many emotional and psychological wounds that began to heal when she found salvation in Christ. She and her husband live with his family in a very humble shack under a bridge down by the river. In spite of their best attempts, by the end of her pregnancy she still did not have even the minimum amount of money needed to pay for her baby's birth. So we took up an offering for her in church, dipped into our “birth scholarship” funds raised at our last garage sale, and gave her a heavily discounted birth for her baby girl—almost free! I have never been so tightly hugged by a client as she sobbed in my arms with gratitude for both the spiritual and physical support that she received from Casa Compasiva. Now her sister is coming to us for care as she expects her first baby.

We are privileged to serve these ladies in Jesus' name, whether in beautiful natural births here at Casa Compasiva, or holding their hands and praying with them as they undergo birth by Caesarean section in a hospital. And now we look forward to the day when, with your help, we will be able to provide the more complete “in-house" service of surgical birth for those precious women for whom a natural
birth is simply not an option. Our great “first-line" plan to use quality maternity care as a tool to reach Oaxacan women with the love of Jesus remains intact—only expanding now into an even better, more action-packed adventure story! Please join us with your prayers, your financial support, and perhaps your volunteer construction service as we begin this next exciting chapter!

On Friday night we hosted a Christmas party for former and current clients, re-establishing contact with some whom we haven't seen for a couple of years. Each guest heard a beautiful gospel message, was given a listing of evangelical churches in their area, and received a CD of the dramatized New Testament with music and effects. (And some chocolate, of course!) The best part of the evening was cuddling with all the babies! We served--or are currently serving--these mamas in their pregnancies, and we helped to deliver many of their babies at Casa Compasiva. Other babies were born via Caesarean in Oaxacan hospitals—but each mama became our friend and was touched by the love of Jesus during her pregnancy and post-partum care. It was a wonderful evening! Please help us to
continue to minister to these women and others like them as we offer quality maternity care and birth services in whichever setting is needed—natural birth in the birth center, or C-section in the surgical unit. Thank you for your commitment to loving them in Jesus' name!

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and yours!

Lila Quezada

For all of Casa Compasiva Staff

To give your U.S . financial gift now you can go to this site: https://www.mvi.org/donations/ Fill
in gift amount then scroll down to Donation Area, then where it says Field Coordinator Ministry
say “Preferenced for Quezada--Casa Compasiva.”

To give your CANADIAN financial gift go to:http://www.mvcanada.org/donate/ , click on Donate, and use your PayPal account. Or click on this link: https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/10068 Where it says “Your Donation Will Support...” choose the General Fund category, fill in Donation Amount and then go to the Message/Instructions box and say it's for Casa Compasiva—Mexico.

Or send your financial gift, preferenced for Casa Compasiva in the memo line, by mail to:

Missionary Ventures International

Orlando, Florida 32859
phone (407) 859-7322

Missionary Ventures Canada
H-336 Speedvale Avenue West
Guelph, Ontario N1H 7M7
phone (519) 824-9380

(Photos to come)

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