"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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Not FAIRY-Godmothers but PRAYER-Godmothers


We are excited to announce that after a lull of several years, we are finally reinstating our Madrinas de Oracion/Prayer Godmothers program!  (What the heck is THAT? Good question...read on!) 

The Madrinas de Oracion/Prayer Godmothers is a very cool way to connect pregnant mamas at Casa Compasiva with prayer partners in the USA and Canada. Each “Prayer Godmother” commits to praying for one of our Oaxacan clients throughout the course of her pregnancy, birth, and then for six weeks postpartum. The Prayer Godmother also has the option (though absolutely no obligation) of responding to specific physical needs of the woman for whom she is praying. At times the Godmother might step in to support a low-income mother who cannot afford all of her prenatal care or birth at Casa. And at all times we hope that the spiritual growth of the mama will be paramount in the Godmother’s prayers.

During the years in which this program previously ran, it seemed to us that God provided an extra layer of protection over our expectant mamas and their babies. He also drew some hearts towards Jesus that without prayer would undoubtedly have remained hard! The mamas and babies were blessed, and also the Godmothers were blessed by their personal involvement in the lives of the women assigned to them. 

Many of you served as Prayer Godmothers in the past. Would you do so again? And if you have not yet had that privilege, now is your chance! Sign up by simply sending your name, email address, and (optional) phone number to prayergodmothers@gmail.com. Our Program Manager will match you to one of our clients who has given permission to send you her name, pic, and information, along with updated prayer requests. Shortly thereafter you will receive your information “packet” of the mum whose needs you will be honoured to lift to the throne of God.

 Prayer-Godmothers...so much better than Fairy Godmothers any day!! :) 

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