Thursday, January 31, 2013

Introducing Donaji

Here is our dear friend and doctora in her own words, translated for your benefit:

My name is Donaji Barahona, and I am a general physician with 28 years of experience.  I am 52 years old, and have 4 beautiful children, ages 26, 24, 22 and 18 years old.  My husband is a general surgeon.  I was born in the small town/village of Mitla, Oaxaca, and I grew up watching my mom attend births in a natural and respectful way.  Her name is Rosa, and she is an obstetric nurse/midwife.  My father was also the town physician.

During my professional studies, I learned another method of attending women in labor that was very different from the approach with which I had become accustomed.  It appeared that science was very far removed from feelings.   
When I began to work with Casa Compasiva, I discovered what I had always wanted for women and their babies: respectful care and attention, with love and with scientific and cultural knowledge.  But above all I never fail to marvel at the power of prayer and faith in accomplishing our goals and objectives with women and their babies.
At Casa Compasiva, I found a great team of marvelous women with a strong will to work, but even more a desire to serve.  I want to pass on to them my experience as a doctor and midwife for the benefit of humanity. I now believe that if we can bring happy babies into the world and raise them in the fear of God, we will achieve many good things.
I give thanks to God and to Lila, too, for her friendship and the trust she had in me to invite me to be part of this marvelous and blessed project.  And I give thanks to all the team: Melvis, Estela, Lety, Elsa, Mirna, and Lila—for their friendship and teachings. 

We all have different gifts that we want to use in Casa Compasiva.  (Romans 12:6-8) I want to offer these gifts in service to the Lord.  “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” (1Peter 4:10)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Change of Plans

On January 7th, Greg and Jenny Norris submitted letters of resignation from their positions at Casa Compasiva.  They had worked with Casa here in Oaxaca since September of 2011, overseeing maintenance projects and a building renovation (Greg), and helping with midwifery, systems development, and training (Jenny). 

They brought much enthusiasm, passion and energy to Casa Compasiva, not to mention fun and great senses of humour! :)  Many thanks  to Greg and Jenny for their hard work and contribution to the ministry of Casa Compasiva over the last year and a half.  We will miss them and wish them well as they set out to pursue what they feel is the next step on their journey. 

You can contact Greg and Jenny to hear more about their decision by emailing them at  Their ministry website is 

I'm sure they would appreciate prayer as they make this next transition as a family. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Newly Remodeled Casa

Rejoice with us in the successful completion of the remodeling necessary to pass public health inspections in Oaxaca.  Praise the Lord!  The following is the report sent to the organization who helped Casa Compasiva fund the project.  Thank you to all who participated - for a job well done!
Areas of remodel lower level: 
Sala de Expulsion (delivery room), Recuperacion (recovery room), CEYE (sterilization room), Filtro ( clean area), Administracion (lounge, admin), Exterior Laundry
  • Volunteer labor
  • Cleared rooms for new construction.
  • Laid out floor plan.
  • Volunteer labor
  • Rough framed walls with metal studs.
  • Purchase wood & cement for forming cement in back laundry area
  • Electrical
  • Volunteer labor
  • Purchase materials
  • Tie in at main switch and ground at street by meter
  • Shielded conduit to building
  • New breaker box near building
  • Complete grounded electrical to new rooms
  • Install inside plastic conduit
  • Install switches, receptacles and light fixtures
  • Volunteer labor
  • Purchase materials
  • 1/2 “ green board in CEYE
  • 1/2” regular board in remainder
  • Local labor final finish of drywall
  • Local labor complete paint area 1 and 2
  • Purchase materials
  • Local labor curved corners and remove old concrete uneven areas from wall
  • Local labor
  • Purchase materials
  • Modify existing drain and supply lines for sink in CEYE
  • Extend drains and supply lines for sink in clean area
  • Repair drains at back of building area 3
  • Repair concrete lid and drain box area 3
  • Add drains, extend supply lines in area 3 for utility sink & washing machine
  • Purchase filter housings, cartridges and 1/2hp pump for cleaning water system
  • Replace plumbing in toilet tanks 4 toilets
  • Local labor professional company
  • Purchase materials
  • Install anti static, grounded, curved cove base, antibacterial, seamless flooring in delivery room, sterile room, & clean area
  • Repair broken tiles where old door jambs where removed
  • Clean and polish existing resin tile floor in administration room
  • Areas of remodel lower level
Wood Doors
  • Local professional carpenter
  • Purchase materials
  • Double swing doors with windows for delivery room
Aluminum/ Glass doors & windows
  • Local professional glass company
  • Sliding doors between reception and clean area
  • Swinging self closing door between clean area and sterile room
  • Sliding window for instruments between clean area and sterile room
  • Volunteer labor
  • Clean prep and repaint metal window frames and exterior door
  • Purchase loose cut glass for replacement of broken pieces in Admin/ lounge
  • Install with foam tape and black paintable acrylic sealer
Metal fabrications and repairs
  • Local professional labor
  • Repair bowed wall in examination room
  • Repair door 3 exterior door frames
  • Fabricate sinks for sterile room and clean area of stainless steel
  • Purchase chrome and stainless steel table, rack and cart for sterile room
Areas of remodel 2nd level: 
Kitchen, Laundry, Front Study, Roof top patio

Wood Doors

  • Local professional carpenter
  • Purchase materials
  • Screen door and door casing for kitchen
  • Screen door for exterior opening to front Study
  • Volunteer labor
  • Install updated lighting and ceiling fans complete
  • Local & volunteer labor
  • Repair supply lines up stairs laundry room
  • Purchase & install washer and dryer
  • Replace plumbing in toilet tanks 2 bathrooms
Metal fabrications and repairs
  • Local professional labor
  • Fabricate and install safety railing around roof top patio
  • Repair door to front balcony
Lower Level Floor Plan