"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
Birth Center

What is God Thinking?

I am constantly amazed by the dedication, innovation, and energy of our Casa Compasiva staff. Under the loving and patient guidance of our beloved Doctor Donaji, our midwife, monitrices, and doulas devote such energy to caring for mamas and babies. I am awed and humbled to observe their skillful enthusiasm. These wonderful servants of God love Jesus with all their hearts—and they love the women and babies of Oaxaca! 

With compassionate, quality maternity care, these Casa Compasiva staff members are changing birth outcomes in Oaxaca for the better. Through their love and dedication, they are pointing people to Jesus. Now, instead of being traumatized by indifferent or negligent hospital staff, Casa Compasiva clients are experiencing the affirmation of personalized attention and concern for every aspect of their health—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Marvelous things are happening here in Oaxaca!

Which leads me to wonder: what is God thinking? 

With all of these advances and all of this success, why have we this week come to the very end of our financial resources? Why have we drained our bank account and still come up short for this week's bills? Living close to the edge is nothing new for us at Casa—we know that God gets glory by granting miraculous answers to prayer for financial provision. And when we started on this adventure of launching Casa Compasiva, we were given reassurance that God would always supply all of our needs—but it would never be early. :) God seems to like eleventh-hour answers. And we're okay with that. However, given the fact that today Casa Compasiva is completely out of funds, I have to wonder what God is thinking.

In a moment of financial discouragement back in August, my new friend Temi shared with me these words: “Anything and everything God calls us to do, He has already gone ahead and made provision for.” So my question is: where is the provision for next week? Did God go ahead and make provision for Casa Compasiva for October of 2012, yet someone whom He designated to provide for this month's needs neglected to comply?

But if --during the summer or at any other time-- if God spoke to your heart convincing you of the value of this ministry, then maybe now would be a good time to respond. Maybe you're up on deck for next week's or next month's provision! Maybe that's what God is thinking! :)

 We look forward to finding out. 

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