"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
Birth Center

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for…

Investing in little ones and their mamas

The time to launch the financial sponsorship program has finally arrived!! (Drum roll, please.)

Here’s how it will work:

You decide that you would like to be a financial sponsor for one of our needy pregnant mamas, and you sign up to support her financially in much the same way as the prayer sponsors do—throughout her pregnancy, birth and six weeks postpartum.  

Your one-time gift of $100.00 will provide her with pre-natal vitamins, nutritional counseling, ultra-sound checks (only when indicated), and prenatal classes.

Even though we charge extremely reasonable fees, far below the actual cost of providing our services, some of our ladies are simply too poor to pay for adequate prenatal care -- much less the cost of their baby’s birth.  In some of these special cases we need additional financial support to provide them adequate prenatal care along with the option of giving birth at the Casa.  So if you would like to support a mama with an extreme financial need, an additional $250.00 will provide her with a “birth scholarship” which will pay for at least most of her needed prenatal appointments ($4.20 US per appointment) plus half of her fee to give birth at the Casa. 

Please click here to send us your name and email address, along with the extent of how you wish to sponsor a pregnant mama.  We will then prayerfully select the woman, send you her name and relevant information, and send you a picture of her (with her permission).  You will have the option of writing to her if you would like to communicate.  We will translate the letters for her and also any communication that she may choose to send your way. 

Don’t delay.  Casa Compasiva and our wonderful pregnant mamas need your help!  Your financial sponsorship can help to make the difference between a healthy mama and baby… or not.

Thanks to all of you who are already faithfully sponsoring one or more of our mamas in prayer.  Since we have new clients come in almost daily, we still have many more mamas needing to be prayer-sponsored.  Let us know if you would like to help in this way.  Just send us your email address and we will connect you with someone for whom you can pray throughout the duration of their pregnancy, birth, and six weeks postpartum.

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