"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
Birth Center

God is Throwing a Party...

... and He’s Inviting Us to Attend!

Ever since we began down this path following the vision of starting a birth center in Oaxaca, we have felt that it is not really OUR idea or OUR vision or OUR project.  This is really God’s idea—an idea whose time has truly come for the people of Oaxaca.  It is His idea to use excellent midwifery care as a tool to reach people for Christ. We can just imagine the joy that He feels as He anticipates mamas and babies being introduced to His Son while receiving compassionate, loving care! 

So we acknowledge that this is God’s idea, but at the same time we understand that God uses flesh and blood people to accomplish His purposes.  For some inscrutable reason, He has chosen to use us, and honestly, being the human instruments used to launch this project can seem a bit overwhelming at times.  Humanly-speaking, this project is HUGE!  It is far-reaching in scope and implication.  It has great potential for blessing…and great potential for failure.  It is challenging the existing, impersonal birth infrastructure and daring to say that God cares for these pregnant women and their babies.  It is David in a showdown with Goliath! 

This is a tremendous responsibility… do we really want it? All summer long, we wrestled with this question, but kept coming back to the fact that God had called us to participate in this dream.  As we heard Francis Chan say in a sermon, “God is throwing a party, and He is inviting us to attend!”  As we remember that this is His party, then we can also rest in the knowledge that it is His responsibility. He can take care of the details like supplying the personnel, the funds, and the equipment. We can relax and enjoy watching Him work the miracles! 

Does He still require the help of His people ?  Yes. Will it mean hard work?  Unquestionably! Are His people called to be obedient?  Of course.  Do we have the option to obey or disobey?  Yes …but if we don’t attend the party, we don’t get to enjoy His party favours! We don’t want to miss out on any blessing that He has in store for His guests, so we have chosen to attend this big Oaxacan birth center party that He is throwing and participate in the work, the fun, and the celebration.   

Will you join us?

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