Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renovation Underway at Casa Compasiva

We have finally received the plans and specifications to build the required rooms needed in order to be recognized by the government as a birth center. 

We recently had a family team from B.C. that came to Oaxaca to dedicate their time and skills to this construction project.  They installed new lighting and overhead fans upstairs, a railing around our mezzanine, and a new washer and dryer.  

They also roughed in two new rooms—one a sterilization room and the other a “sala de expulsion”—or expulsion (birth) room.  It is amazing to us what they—together with Greg and Ellie and Miguel-- were able to accomplish in just five days!  To God be the glory!  Now we are well on our way in this project, and hoping to bring it to completion within the next few weeks.  

Dia de la Mama

Here in  Mexico, Mother’s  Day is on May 10th
This year marks Casa Compasiva’s second annual time of appreciation for our pregnant mamas.  We had a wonderful evening of fun, fellowship, pedicures, manicures, foot massages, facials, and –oh yes!—banana splits!  

It was fun to see so many of our mamas all together.  Some have already had their babies, so we got to hold the little ones while their mamas were being pampered.  

Diana Loyo, a Mexican missionary serving here in Oaxaca, gave a captivating gospel message, and then the indulgence began!  There was a long line for massage ... for the grandmothers!  

Our "pedicure person" said it was awesome to wash so many feet in the name of Jesus.