Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Merry Future Mothers of Mexico!

As a Mother’s Day gift to the moms-to-be at Casa Compasiva, we held a “Ladies’ Night at the Spa.” The beautiful pregnant ladies were delighted to be given foot and hand treatments, facials, beauty make-overs, and haircuts!  It was so much fun serving these precious ones who might never have been so spoiled ever before in their lives!  

And not only did we attend to their external beauty issues, but we also addressed their spiritual issues as future mamas who need the strength and wisdom of God to raise their babies in love.  We also shared delicious chicken tostadas, Jamaica-flower juice, and “Tres Leches”cake---wonderful!! (Click on the link for a recipe)

Please continue to pray for these ladies that God’s Word and His love will impact their lives as we at Casa Compasiva continue to minister to them during their pregnancies and on through the postpartum period.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Babies now seen on screen!

And the training continues....

Yesterday we at Casa Compasiva finished a three-day crash course in obstetrical ultrasound.  It was fantastic...everyone learned so much, PTL!  A Christian doctor from Oregon came to Oaxaca to teach the course, using just the right combination of theory, lecture, observation, and hands-on application. We are so grateful to Dr. Joe for the excellent teaching, and to both him and his wife for their willing sacrifice of time to support the ministry of Casa Compasiva!

 Last summer we were given a good condition albeit-used, ultrasound machine, but had not been ready to test it until now due to our lack of training. So this week we put it through its paces, testing it out on at least fifteen pregnant bellies.  And it came through with flying colours! Many many thanks to the good folks who donated the machine (you know who you are). :) 

Obviously we know that no one can become a competent ultrasound technician in three days, but our lovely resident Doctora Donaji had previously taken a year-long course but then had never been able to apply her knowledge.  Now she has had a wonderful refresher course and just needs to put it all into practice.  The rest of us at Casa Compasiva (midwife, nurse, and doulas)  can all continue to learn from her and with her.  What a blessing from God to have such a useful tool with which to serve the women of Oaxaca!