"Compassion House" is a Christian birth and midwifery training center in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Casa Compasiva A.C.

Casa Compasiva A.C.
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Casa Compasiva Branches Out!

We are excited to announce Casa Compasiva's new prenatal education classes being offered in Mitla. The municipal government in our small town invited us to provide this free service to the local women.  

Delighted to oblige, Dra. Donaji and I (Lila) began our first series of eight classes at the municipal palace downtown on February 20th. So far we have approximately ten pregnant mothers showing up for each class, along with a few husbands and mothers. 

Last week we were honoured to have a previous Casa Compasiva client from Mitla to come and share the story of her birth with the class. Monica did a great job, raving about the wonderful care and love that she and her baby received at Casa Compasiva, while also boldly encouraging the women to put their faith and their lives in God's hands.

Being an official government-sponsored class, one benefit is that the DIF office (think Mexican WIC equivalent) takes care of everything from providing snacks to announcing the classes on the radio. 

The main reason that we are so pleased with this development is that these classes provide an opportunity to better serve the women of Mitla. Since they live about an hour's drive from Casa Compasiva, we are offering a special deal to the women who attend these classes. After they begin their prenatal care at Casa Compasiva in Oaxaca City with their first appointment, they have the option of attending prenatal appointments right here in their own town. Our CC Doctora Donaji will offer consultations at her mother's house here in town while we gradually renovate her father's old clinic and open up a  new Mitla branch of Casa Compasiva!

This is exciting, but--as with anything worthwhile--will call for some work. Let us know if you are skilled in plumbing, drywall, or decorating, and would like to donate some of your time and talents to the cause! And stay tuned for news of other exciting (and exhausting!) projects soon to come. :)


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