Missed #Giving Tuesday? It's Not Too Late...

Here are some great ideas!

I just received word from the mama of this beautiful baby boy in Canada. She had the brilliant idea of throwing a first birthday party for her son, but asking guests in lieu of birthday gifts to donate to a fund to help Casa Compasiva. People responded generously and she raised $700 Canadian for this ministry!

What a great concept—one that others could use to help support this worthy cause. When is your next big celebration? :)

And not only Canadians and Americans can raise funds for Casa ... look at what a grateful couple here in Oaxaca brought as an offering. They had been saving their pesos in a bottle, and brought all the coins in as a gift when she went into labour. We were hesitant to accept, knowing their financial constraints as they also run a ministry on a shoestring. But they persuaded us to accept their heartfelt gift of gratitude, and to honour their spirit of joy in giving.

Need any more inspiration for creative generosity throughout the season? We are happy to help!😀

Lila Joy

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