Zilcho Dinero!

I just arrived back in Oaxaca after spending the summer up north in a new therapy program for my Parkinson's Disease.

The good news is that while I was away, our wonderfully competent Casa Compasiva staff attended seven birthing mamas at Casa, and taught pre-natal classes each week to between ten and fifteen pregnant families!  They did a great job holding the team together in my absence...keeping "the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

One young doula got the courage to share the devotional in the pre-natal class for the first time. Another of our young midwives gained the confidence to attend clients on her own without the constant presence of the doctor or a senior midwife.  They also weathered many storms, including: the sudden death of one midwife's father at age 49, the wedding and departure to her husband's village of another midwife, the first-trimester pregnancy nausea of two of our married doulas, and the extended absence of our senior midwife who is away visiting family in Texas.  All this was  played out against the backdrop of constant civil chaos as the Oaxacan teachers' union  blockaded  and crippled transportation and local business all around the city and state. Our Casa Compasiva staff endured the dangers and inconveniences of the summer,  accomplishing all with the grace and strength of our Lord.  I am very proud of our staff! 

The bad news is that while I was away all summer going through my therapy,  I was very low on energy and dealing with med-induced nausea much of the time.  Therefore, unfortunately I was in no shape to do fund-raising for Casa Compasiva while in WA and B.C.  Arriving back in Oaxaca on Friday night, I realized that our coffers are indeed empty.  Nada. Zilcho.  Well, actually negative zilcho in both the US and Canadian accounts. 

It is time to go to prayer again for God's hand of favour on CC finances.  We need money this week.... our hard-working staff deserve to be paid! Will you please join me in prayer? 

 Lila Joy Quezada

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